Monday, May 18, 2009

In the future.. lenses will have worse flare

Picture 2.pngHad some time to kill yesterday so I thought I'd watch the new Star Trek movie. My concern was that I'd stick out as a middle aged bloke going to the movie on his own. That wasn't the case.

It's a good film, very true to the spirit of the series and manages to include lots of the best lines and ideas, but I am getting tired of black holes.

As a photography buff, I found the excessive lens flare quite amazing.

Picture 4.png

Surely both lenses will get better (and be just liquid controlled by computer) and indoor lighting will end up just being glowing paint or panels or whatever.

Picture 5.pngDid they add this in as digital effects or did they use High Definition Lomo Lenses or something?

Anyhow, enjoyed the ride and can recommend the film.


Marcus said... talked to the director about this here:

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Marcus, that's very interesting. So it was all done with big lights pointing at the camera lens.

I really thought it was added digitally.

It certainly created an atmosphere, a bit like the irritating hand held camera with deliberate bumping that mars some TV police shows.