Monday, November 25, 2013

Home brew and mini Maker faire day

A very busy Sunday this weekend. Mal, VK2BMS, and I headed off first to Dural for the ARNSW Home Brew group where I hoped to learn how to use my pan brake folder to make metal boxes. That wasn't to be but a little YouTube searching has filled that void.

Peter Jensen showed some of his excellent portable valve radio gear including this terrific suitcase setup:

John, VK2ASU, is making good progress on a new transceiver for 40m, here's the interim receiver which works very well:

Next we headed off to Ultimo to visit the mini Maker Faire at the Powerhouse museum. As expected there were lots of 3D printers, which I'd love to have a reason to need one, and some slightly disturbing robots:

My local club, the Manly Warringah Radio Society had a very interesting display in the outside courtyard:

The Powerhouse is a great museum and I look forward to visiting again with more time to take it all in.