Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back home, attending PyCon

organised.jpgI'm back home after a few weeks, spent the day getting organised.

Where I stayed had a little shop with a very bored shop keeper who spent his time doing shelf art as you see here.

On the flight home and since I've been enjoying PyCon 2009 thanks to their excellent RSS feed of presentation video or audio recordings.

There's some great material there, lots for me to learn but marred by technical issues: bad slide video sometimes, distorted or bad audio. I would pay to support better quality in the future, it's certainly worth it. Thanks to those who put this together.

easyaccess.pngWhile roaming I noticed my iPhone saying "EasyAccess" across the top. I have no idea what this means, anyone know? It happened several times and I'm not sure if it was a certain carrier (I hopped between several while travelling).

Great to be back but I will miss the food.

And the hi-tech refrigeration.

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