Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dell Adamo port review

Picture 3.pngOn Sunday, at the mall, I had a play with the new Dell laptop, called Adamo.

I'm a MacBook Air user, but this is cute.

At AU$3,800 I was confused because those Microsoft ads promised me that PCs would be really cheap!

Anyhow, what caught my eye was that the ports on the back edge include eSATA and a full size DisplayPort socket (I've only ever seen the mini version Apple use).

Surely eSATA should become the successor to FireWire? (Given that consumer video cameras are now recording to disk so that need has gone).

At the Dell stand (no, it's not a shop) the guy took the laptop out of it's security bracket so I could pick it up and feel it. The keyboard seems very nice but that's about all I can say - it was running Windows and locked down. Even the staff couldn't unlock the screen!

(Apparently there's been a bit of trouble with folks walking around their stands leaving the demo machines on porn sites without the staff noticing).

Seems like a nice laptop, for once Apple seems a little behind the curve in the port department.

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