Thursday, April 07, 2011

Re-joined the local Manly Warringah Radio Society

I have a few weeks off and last night I went to the social meeting of the local radio club, the Manly Warringah Radio Society.

Since my last visit they've moved into an excellent new venue in a Guide hall that is currently not used. It's a great radio location with very low noise - I marvelled at the quiet on 20m and 80m compared to my home.

VK2MB station equipment is securely stored in a nice cupboard and well laid out and labeled for ease of use.


The move also prompted a big purge of the masses of junk that had built up at the old club house over the years.

The club has a few regular nets, one at 6:30am on 3590KHz and another at 8:00am on 3585KHz. I have been listening for a few days and called in to the 8am net this morning and was welcomed by the group. It's one of those nets where the participants are so familiar with each other that they know who's who just by a brief transmission.

Weekly meetings are a bit above my current time budget but I'll try to participate a bit more. I heard someone commenting on not having enough time available - as he's retired you know!

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