Sunday, April 03, 2011

Emtech ZM-2 Z Match antenna tuner review

Just received a ZM-2 QRP antenna tuner of the Z-Match design that I ordered from Emtech. It seems able to match a random wire with ease on multiple bands. In the video below I threw about 10m of wire into a tree and was able to tune up on 20m, 40m and even 80m.

Tuning is quite sharp and for transmit there is a built-in SWR bridge with an LED indicator that you tune to extinguish.

It's a compact unit, a good companion for the FT-817, and works very well. Rated at 15W maximum it's perfect for QRP operation.

Mine took about a month to arrive here in Sydney and even came with handy hints on how to get into heaven!


Unknown said...

Nice video Peter, did you have any problems with ordering from Emtech? I might pick one up for the 817 as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant,

no problem ordering but it did take almost a month to arrive.

Incidentally, I was feeling slack and ordered the built version rather than the kit. Maybe the kit would be quicker.