Friday, April 29, 2011

Homebrew 80m transceiver with DSB Tx and DC Rx

After we built homebrew 80m receivers to listen to the WIA broadcast, the challenge has been extended to a transceiver using a 3.58MHz ceramic resonator. Mine is just starting to work:

My thanks to Patrick, VK2PN who lives not far from me and agreed to have a contact and give me some feedback. I can hear him quite well on the direct conversion receiver but I think there's a problem with my audio at the moment. Quite possibly it's some sort of rf instability - given the ratty construction so far.

The design has an oscillator using a ceramic resonator that is shared between the direct conversion receiver (classic NE602 design), and the transmitter which uses a TUF-1 balanced mixer followed by two gain stages before an IRF-510 final.

An encouraging start, but lots to do to make it a viable transceiver.

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