Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reclaiming the back yard - removing the pool

When we moved in, we really didn't want a pool, but it came with the house.

I've maintained it for more then ten years, mostly cleaning leaves, adding chlorine, fixing pumps and supplying electricity.

It was the electricity that finally tipped me over the edge. As part of a daughter's school project we went around and measured the power consumption of things around the house. The pool pump, which runs between 5 and 8 hours a day uses 1,600W.

The other funny thing about this house is that aside from the pool, which really chops up the back yard, there's a two-car garage - in the back yard.


We decided to get rid of both monstrosities in one go. I'm working from home to the sound of jack hammers, but already I'm excited about the prospect of a larger back yard space and more sunlight.


This should be over in a few days, a new fence goes up next week. Later we'll add a small garden shed to take all the implements which are currently stored in a tent:


When the subsiding has settled, we have grand plans for a small vegetable garden. I've been listening to the excellent digitdownunder podcast for tips and ideas.

I'm thinking of one of those built-up style beds where you don't have to grovel on the ground to work on it.

Tony sent me some information on seeds, small fruit trees and a compost bin he recommends. So much to learn.

I am a bit worried about the lack of sun, you can see the shadows from the large trees here:

I plan to do a full day stop motion to see where the problems are soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marxy, Looks like you'll have a decent paddock for the vegie patch. Can't wait to see what you put in!



Anonymous said...

Yes Riley, you can!