Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One tree dies, an antenna will live

tree.jpgToday is tree lopping day. We're getting rid of a pesky liquid amber and a pine tree. Both of these shade the garden.

The huge gum tree is staying but I noticed that the tree men climbed the gum to tie ropes to liquid amber branches to control their fall. I had a bright idea and have asked them to run a line for me over a very high branch in the gum tree. "No worries" they said.

This means I'll have a loop of venetian blind cord going right up that very tall gum tree which I can use to raise up awesome long wire antennas or support one end of an 80 dipole.

These tree lopping guys are both smart and fit, here's a time lapse video with one frame taken every sixty seconds.

The job's done and I can definitely recommend Aura Tree Services they were efficient and professional. Great blokes too.

We have a lot more sky now and I'm back on 80m with good reports.

When I mentioned I'd made a stop motion video they were very interested and I gave them a CD with the high quality video on it.


The loop of venetian cord is in place so I can easily hoist things up 10m or so.

I first tried an end fed long wire but the noise on 80m was bad, so I've put up my old 40/80m trap dipole with one end up in the gum tree and the other end over the house to a tree in the street.

The new antenna is working really well. The extra height has further reduced noise, I've had some PSK31 contacts on 40m (7.040) and am hearing some magnificent signals on 80m.

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