Friday, September 12, 2008

Backyard sun path stop motion

I'm trying to figure out the best part of the garden to put the vegetable patch so today I recorded a full day of stop motion video using a little Nikon point n shoot.

It's not looking too good unless we do some serious tree downsizing. Of course it will be better in summer.

As you can see the removal of the swimming pool is pretty much complete, just some topsoil to come.

This stop motion feature of the Nikon coolpix is excellent. The camera ran from about 6:30am until after 5pm without going flat. None of my other cameras seem to have this ability.

Incidentally, I searched for something to turn a series of still pictures into a movie and couldn't find much. It turns out that good old QuickTime Player has this feature built in:
Picture 1.png

You just open any image in a folder containing the series, choose how many frames per second you want:
Picture 2.png

And you have a movie.

QuickTime Player is such a strange application, it does lots of useful things that make it more than a player.

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