Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fence troubles

treeFence.jpgLast week's demolition of the back yard went so smoothly (if a little behind schedule) that I was starting to think that I had the knack of dealing with trades people.

With the demolition, the fencing and the (still to come) tree lopping, I went through the local papers and chose three companies to get quotes from. The winner was on a combination of the price, clarity of the quote and how much I liked the person (Geoff) who came out.

I won't name them, yet, but the fencing company that won the fierce contest to replace the old wire fence with a new colourbond fence has different people doing the quoting to the people who do the work.

Today the worker guy Bill came out and balked at the amount of work required to clear the brush along the fence line.


The quote said it would take 1.5 hours, he feels it's at least a day's work and I'd have to agree. Some of the brush, as you can see above, is really quite substantial trees.

My first inclination was to simply cancel and engage one of the other quotes, but the materials have already been delivered and I fear this could get messy.

Anyhow, the worker guy has now left and the company is coming out to have another look... more breaking news as it comes to hand.


Today, Friday, I decided to keep ringing "Pete's Local Fencing" of Collaroy until I got some kind of commitment that something was going to happen. After four calls, I'm told that Greg will pop by either Saturday or Monday to take a look, and that the job has been given to Matt to do.

Update 2

It's Tuesday. Greg didn't turn up. I left a message on Monday but they didn't ring back. Called again and Greg is in the yard for about an hour and will call me.. (I doubt it).

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