Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Turned professional blogger

google_sm.gifAn exciting day!

I've just received my first ever payment from Google for AdSense revenue from my blog. Oh sure, it's only $12 but it's a milestone.

I don't blog for money, obviously, I really just blog as a way to keep notes on what I've been up to and thinking about. It is spooky sometimes to look back at your own blog posts, presumably people who write a diary have the same sensation.

Blogging is maturing, the proportion of search hits that come from blogs rather than other types of sites is going up and the material is useful and often very well thought out.

It seems amazing that not only do I not have to pay to have this blog, on my own domain even, but that they actually send me money.

For other bloggers, you might be interested that I currently get just over 100 viewers per day and my top story was about the VNC Viewer built in to Leopard, presumably because it was dugg on Digg.

Thank you for reading, I hope there's something here that's interesting.

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