Monday, June 04, 2007

Enjoying MIT physics lectures

Ben put me on to a gem in the new iTunes U area. There are freely available university lectures available and I've been watching the wonderful Prof. Walter Lewin going through the basics (to him) of electromagnetism.

The series is available either through the iTunes store or directly from MIT.

The good professor has a wonderful sense of humour and jokes about the dangers of working with 300KV gear, "if something goes wrong you'll get a replacement lecturer on Monday". I found the basic concepts of charge and how dialectics work utterly fascinating and the maths isn't terribly complex.

It's amazing how much basic physics is not common sense. His mix of lecture style with simple experiments to show the principles works really well and is highly accessible.

Seems to me that publicly funded educational institutions should put all of their course material up in the public domain, after all we've all paid for it. If MIT and Stamford can do it, what about TAFE?

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