Tuesday, November 01, 2022

WSPR Watch app for iOS updates

I've updated WSPR Watch in recent weeks.  It's a free app for iOS that pulls data from WSPRnet and other sites so that you can conveniently check propagation on your phone or tablet.

Recent changes include:

* Fixed a layout issue triggered when a spot doesn’t have a tx grid square

* Handle small displays with large text better

* Searches now persist over to maps and graphs. This is handy for plotting propagation between two grid-squares for example.

* User can edit band colours in settings

* Shows bands in list headers

* Displays Grid Square codes in spot list

* Can now search for callsign or grid square

* Buttons in info alert to search for TX or RX Grid square

* Refresh buttons on map and graph view

The most interesting new feature is that searches in the spot list used to be cleared when you switched to the map or graph view. Now these searches persist. I use this when I'm using WSPR spots to see the best time for a voice contact to a specific place. Now I can run WSPR for 24 hours and search for the target grid square, then go over to the graph and see a plot of signal to noise ratio.

Round spots are received, triangles are reports of my transmissions.

In recent versions I've been adding more information into the spot list display and I hadn't realised that there's users who have small screen phones and they increase the text size. Thanks to feedback, and screenshots, sent in I was able to duplicate the problem and have improved things somewhat.

The colours used for each band has always been controversial. Initially I copied those used on WSPRnet but some people were not satisfied so recently I added the ability to customise band colours.

Thanks to all those who reported issues or sent suggestions. I don't have any monitoring in the app but downloads indicate quite a large user population these days. If you like the app, please consider leaving a review.

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