Friday, November 25, 2022

3D Printed spacers for KX3 in box

I purchased a LiPo battery pack from Paul Paton, VK3AHM, at the Rosebud Radio Fest and it triggered the desire to make a portable setup for my KX3. In the past I've put it in a waterproof box (Pelican case clone) with cubic foam spacers but it's not very efficient. My 3D printer can't print a large enough object to do this in one go so I divided the task up in to separate modules. Here's the result.

The cutout below the tuning know reflects the small speaker's audio up which helps quite a bit. Other segments on the left and above have holes for access to the sockets for power and microphone.

What you see here is my first attempt and I'm pretty happy with how it went. Obviously there can be improvements such as better fitting with the sloping sides of the case interior.

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