Wednesday, October 26, 2022

GA-800 Active loop receive antenna

I purchased a small (26cm) active loop antenna called a GA-800.  So far quite impressed. 

The bottom part has a re-chargeable battery with USB-C charging.

Interesting to note that for best reception in a window, the plane of the loop should face out.

Reception with the loop is significantly stronger than when using the whip antenna on the radio.

The loop can be separated from the power base part if desired. I'm sure it would work even better in a remote configuration.


Adam said...

Interesting to read your comments on the loop. Many people are very critical of it, especially when it comes to the internally generated noise. Presumably you didn't experience too much of an issue here? Did you use the loop indoors or outside? It's a really nice looking antenna isn't it, and although I have made my own active loop for indoor use, it doesn't have this really nice wide frequency coverage, nor the good looks! Adam M6RDP Devon, UK

RoyGNH said...

I like the antenna, has worked well with my Malahit DSP2. My question is how do you know battery level? It states best to have battery at 50% if stored for a long time. How can one know what % the battery is at?