Thursday, November 03, 2022

Drone to raise antenna using bait drop servo

I've been raising antennas by running a line over tree branches. Various techniques have been used including an arborist's throw, a squid pole, and tying a line to a drone. The last method invariably ends with the drone's rotors getting tangled in the line on the way down. 

Recently I discovered little remote control releases, apparently meant for dropping fishing lines. It's hard to know what to search for but this one is titled "Universal Remote Thrower Hanger Airdrop System Fishing Bait Deliver Life Rescue for DJI/FIMI RC Drone Quadcopter Accessories" - wow.

This device works but the servo is tiny and quite weak.

This approach seems promising and I hope to try it out with a real antenna raising soon.

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Grant said...

Nice idea, extreme amateur radio! will be good to see progress in the future - VK3MSG