Sunday, October 15, 2023

Latest OpenWebRX on Raspberry Pi 4 excellent

With a little travel on the agenda soon, I thought I'd run up OpenWebRX on a Raspberry Pi 4 in the shack.

The simplest approach is to download the pre-made SD Card image and boot from that.

The "whistlers" I've been seeing on 10m are less today than they were.

Getting started with OpenWebRX using the Pi image is a bit mysterious. There is a setup guide but I couldn't figure out how to log in. They say:

"The default user "pi" no longer exists. Please use the included agent"

What is the "included agent"?

My Pi is headless so to get it on the Wifi network here I had to use the Raspberry Pi imager which let me set a user and password and configure the Wifi.

Once logged in over ssh I created an admin user for OpenWebRX with:

sudo openwebrx admin adduser adminusername

If I edit the /var/lib/openwebrx/settings.json file directly, I found that it would be overwritten unless I forced a restart of openwebrx with:

sudo systemctl restart openwebrx 

Anyway, all good in the end. It works very well on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it's great to have FreeDV, M17 and DMR all built right in.

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Peter Marks said...

Wow, thanks for the tip. OpenWebRX+ looks fantastic. I shall try it out.