Saturday, November 26, 2022

Field trial of new QRP antennas from OzTenna

Richard, VK3TXD, kindly sent me a preview of two of OzTenna's new antennas for the QRP enthusiast. Now that the rain has stopped I took the medium duty EFHW and his 64:1 coupler out into the field and had good results.

The "medium duty" antenna is quite easy to put in the portable case but if you want even less to carry OzTenna has a "light duty" version as well:

The "coupler" is particularly notable as it includes both a 64:1 unun with a 1:1 balun in the same compact case. Mine was supplied screwed to a wire winder but I removed to make it more compact.

Here's my current "go box". All fits very neatly.

It's great to see some products being created for the QRP operator here in Australia. The OzTenna products are well thought out and nicely put together. Check their website for details.


Richard gave an interesting presentation to the EMDRC club on the topic of Unun efficiency with half wave end fed antennas and shares some of his very interesting research.

Thanks to VK2BLQ for the tipoff.

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