Wednesday, November 09, 2022

3D printed case for TTGO ESP32 board

Starting to see some useful products from the 3D printer. I've designed and printed a nice case for the TTGO ESP32+LCD boards I like using around the house. The box and lid were designed in TinkerCad and printed on the Creality Ender 3 v2.

Not perfect but good progress for me. Here's the board sitting in the case part.

The case makes my solar monitor and K index displays look rather snappy.

My approach was to measure the board with vernier caliper and use those measurements in the 3D design. To get the lip of the lid to fit snugly into the lower case I sized it down 0.5mm on each of the 4 sides. It's a very tight fit and sure to vary by printer but it's working for me.

Here's the models in TinkerCad:

I've made them public. Case. Lid. TinkerCad is a little frustrating to use and I'm looking around for alternatives. I wish OmniGroup would do a 3D version of OmniGraffle.


Richard said...

Hi Peter,
Good work with the box.
I use "OpenSCAD" very happily. It is all about programming. I write modules for every part of a project then "just" put it together at the end. I find getting the dimensions right to be the hardest part.
Cheees - Richard

Jeff - KK4ETK said...

That looks great. I'm almost getting to the point where I need to upgrade my Monoprice Mini Delta - the bed size is starting to be to small for what I want to print.