Friday, April 08, 2022

IC-705 remote control on macOS and iPadOS

The Icom IC-705 has network features that IC-7300 owners can only dream about. Happily for us macOS users, there are two software programs that do a good job of remote controlling the radio.

The first is a commercial program SDR Control by the guy that does the iOS software for Flex Radio SDRs. It looks like this in operation:

The window can be made smaller (but not as small as I'd like) for casual listening while doing other stuff on the computer. Here's a bit of the VK2WI broadcast monitored here on 30m. The station is about 800km from me and comes in very well.

A new version, for iPadOS has just been released. It's not cheap but works well. As a software developer I can imagine the work that has gone in to this app.

The other option is free and open source. WFView (Waterfall View) is available for Linux, Windows and here I use it on macOS:

Both work well. SDR Control has additional features including built-in digital mode clients but WFView works perfectly well.

I hope that one day Icom releases an update to the IC-7300 with network capabilities like the IC-705.

WFView can connect to the USB port on the IC-7300 and make it available on the network but it ties up a computer. WFView source code is here.

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Elliott said...

I'm glad you are enjoying wfview! I had not seen a sort of side-by-side review yet, this was interesting.

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