Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Home made ubitx box

Inspired by the excellent ubitx.net web site, I have bent a larger box so that the front panel ergonomics are improved. I added a nice tuning knob with finger depression and added a microphone pre-amp, compressor and noise gate board. The tuning knob is on its own on the right (not cramped with the volume control and mic socket) and with the new software it's a pleasure to spin up and down the dial.

I'm just using the mic amp board as it comes with a dynamic mic and levels look good but there's the option to add trimmers for both the compression and noise gate level. I have an output gain control knob in there.

My rudimentary metal work skills are slowly improving and I'm quite proud of the nibbled hole for the LCD display in this one. My nibbler has been sticking, which was frustrating, but a little WD-40 did the trick. I learned from a recent Adam Savage video that WD stands for "water displacement".

1 comment:

caulktel said...

Your uBitx is looking great Peter! I sure love mine, I use it everyday to make contacts.