Saturday, May 16, 2015

Very low cost i2c LCD interface board

Listening to the marvellous Soldersmoke podcast I learned of these serial interface boards for driving an LCD display using just two pins of an Arduino. These boards are just $1 out of China on eBay. Amazing.

With some help from Brainwagon I was soon up and running.

The little board solders nicely on to the back of standard Hitachi LCD boards.

I'm stunned that China can manufacture stuff like this for such great prices. Everything I make will have a display.

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Frederick Fredricks said...

Hello Peter, I've been liking these modules too, and agree that everything, from now on, that has an LCD is also going to have one of these.

A current project uses two, the second being for 8-bit output peripheral, and all with only the two i2c lines, cf previously 6 for the lcd alone.

I've also used them on Raspberry Pi and have made a utility to control it, if you're interested.