Friday, December 12, 2008

A visit with Dallas, VK3EB

A main objective of my recent road trip was to get back an old transmitter that I left behind. It's passed through several hands over the years and has been well looked after.

Most recently it's been in use by Dallas, VK3EB who I visited to pick it up.

Dallas has been doing some fantastic home brew radio construction, including this lovely antenna tuner:


He's been using the Panda Cub transmitter on 160m AM while he completes a fully home brew transmitter which is being constructed on a wooden bench:


If all goes well on the "bench of death" the magnificent dummy load will shine brightly:

dummy load.jpg

So thanks Dallas for your hospitality and for taking such good care of the Panda Cub. I'm eternally grateful.

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App Panda said...

Thos Panda Cub transmitters are quite a rarity. Well done on digging one out.