Friday, December 05, 2008

Enjoying a leisurely drive Sydney to Melbourne

Drive Map.pngCurrently on the road between Sydney and Melbourne. A couple of reasons for this involving transporting stuff each way.

I'm particularly looking forward to picking up an old "Panda Cub" Valve AM transmitter I left behind many years ago.

As I'm now on a Telstra iPhone plan, there is free access to their hotspots and each McDonalds seems to have one. (They send you an SMS token to your phone number to get on).

Connection seems very good and as long as I just stick to the coffee I'll keep my weight under control...

Spent last night at Batemans Bay in a roadside motel, the delux executive recently renovated room was pretty basic.

Strung a wire antenna up along the window which loaded up nicely on 40m and 20m, several stations heard but no chance of any contacts unfortunately. I have my FT-817 along for the ride.

The movie "Frequency" was playing on the cable TV which put me in the mood wonderfully. Recommended for anyone interested in Ham Radio and Time Travel.

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