Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone 2.0.1 still not quite right yet, 2.0.2 better

Like everyone I had a few annoying issues with the original software but I still feel it's the best phone/pocket internet device, I've ever used.

One of the most annoying little issues I've had is that syncing the phone would hang during the phone backup. Once I thought it was going to finish without me cancelling but then a call came in.

My update to 2.0.1 went smoothly and during my first sync I hoped the problem would be gone but no. Amusingly the log says:

not the droid.png

Backups still don't complete so I've done this:

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

Anyhow, my problems aren't nearly as annoying as Ben's so I count myself lucky.

The phone does seem smoother with 2.0.1, the annoying pauses have gone away and I think the 3G switching problem I had might have improved a bit.

Update 2.0.2

After a day with 2.0.2, I'm pleased to report that it drops back to 2G in my bad 3G signal environment much more smoothly than before.

It still won't backup my phone, so I've disabled that.

The Console log says:

20/08/08 10:40:13 AM [0x0-0x27027][365] MobileDevice: receive_message: Could not receive size of message: 0 Unknown error: 0
20/08/08 10:40:13 AM [0x0-0x27027][365] MobileDevice: _read_callback: Could not receive message
20/08/08 10:40:13 AM [0x0-0x27027][365] MobileDevice: send_message: Could not send message size: Bad file descriptor
20/08/08 10:40:40 AM [0x0-0x27027][365] Created child to sync device with pid 738...

And it hangs at that point.

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