Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Apple's weakness is Microsoft's strength

MiniMouse.jpgMicrosoft makes really great mice. Apple just can't seem to get it right.

I've bought four "mighty" mice since the launch, assuming that the bad one I got was a one-off. They are all bad. The little ball thing that lets me scroll sideways works pretty well for about a week and then it starts to get intermittent.

All the tips about cleaning say to use a wet, lint free, cloth and hold the mouse upside down. It works a bit but doesn't fix the problem.

After much frustration I paid just AU$19 for a basic optical Microsoft "comfort 3000" mouse from Microsoft and it seems excellent. Thinking back, all the Microsoft mice have been very good.

Apple has produced some real lemons in the mouse "space": remember the puck that came with the original iMacs? The subtle second button has always annoyed me and when I see others trying to use it with less care than me they just can't get the second button to work reliably.

The mouse is so important to the use of a graphical computer, it's time to make one that really works.

I wonder if Vista will become popular due to the Microsoft mouse "halo" effect?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Microsoft rodents are OK, although they have a tendency to be really plasticy, or have those ridiculous tilt-wheels, or both.

My last mouse purchase was a Razer Pro|Click.

Very comfortable, lots of configurable buttons, high resolution/precision, attractive colour scheme that matches my Apple keyboard, tolerable drivers.

Only downside is a bright blue glow which can't be readily disabled. Aside from that, highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

You do understand that any HID compliant Mouse will work with your Mac, right? Please tell me you know this. In fact, Mice made by Microsoft will work with Macs. Logitech Mice will work with Macs. So what's your problem?

Peter Marks said...

Wow, that looks very high end. Given that it says it uses an infra-red sensor I'd say you could safely clip the annoying blue light.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Anonymous, yes I understand that any mouse will work, I'm more talking about the feel and smooth operation of the little ball, or wheel.

But thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed Pete. What would Rick do?