Thursday, November 15, 2007

A chat about the Google phone

This morning on ABC Radio National, I had a chat with Fran Kelly about the new Google phone platform. You can hear it here.


Alastair said...

Good comments Peter.

I was amused by Steven Frank's comment: "A 34-company committee couldn't create a successful ham sandwich, much less a mobile application suite".

I think the key to making this work will be to get seamless cross-application data flow. Currently (iPhone excepted) phones have different applications but they don't talk to each other. On my Nokia I sometimes find myself manually copying a phone number from the web browser into the phone proper. Not even using copy'n'paste (unless I'm missing something?). The same problem exists for getting address information into the GPS software, etc etc.

I'm sure the iPhone and Android will get this sorted out better than Symbian, Palm, or Windows Mobile, simply because well, it would be hard to do a worse job than any of the incumbents!

Peter Marks said...

Even the iPhone has a way to go in this area, I don't think there's copy and paste yet for example.