Monday, November 19, 2007

A Chat with ben and pete - podcast episode 4

Latest episode here.

Advertising, Outages, Android and Eee PC.

We chat about Time Machine, Back to my Mac (still not working for us), the Rackspace outage, the Android SDK and I have an Eee PC.

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Alastair said...

Another great episode guys.

Minor correction on my Facebook comment. I was saying that it is the Facebook apps which are insidious; you have to add them to your profile in order to block them from your news feed.

The ads are different beasts entirely, and in fact they are a lot less annoying (to me) than the apps. Typically I see only one or two ads in my news feed, but often dozens of junk application news items.

Recently I've taken to using this newsfeed cleansing greasemonkey script, and it has helped improve the signal:noise ratio.

Then again Facebook has reached the shark-jumping point for me anyway. Having more fun with twitter these days.