Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home work space

This is a response to Alastair's excellent workspace post. My little home office is a mess. I have three main hobbies: photography, computers and ham radio. They all compete for space at home.

Regrettably I don't have a nice window to look out of at a calming garden so I've added a second screen to give me a wider panorama.

From left to right: A monitor supported by books I try to keep in my unconscious. Above, on the wall, a print from the master (well from his 8x10 negative). An Intel iMac. Altoids I'm munching to make way for electronics projects. iPod loading up with too many podcasts to get through. (I've recently ditched Scoble and Calacanis as they make too much).

On the right, below puzzled daughter Catherine, is my radio hobby. An MFJ-902 travel tuner (excellent), an FT-817 I had a great time with while camping, an old Emtron tuner that I only learned how to use from the instructions that came with the MFJ tuner, a receive only tuner just being used to hold things up, and finally my boxed DRM receiver.

The transceiver is tuned to 80m via a long co-ax run through the wall, then ceiling and out to the top floor to a very narrow trap 40m and 80m dipole. Lots of activity these days on HF.

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