Friday, April 06, 2007

Built a tiny 80m AM transmitter

I've been attending the Amateur Radio New South Wales Homebrew Group meetings recently, both on air and in the flesh.

Most entertaining. This year they have a "challenge" (not a competition!) to build an 80m AM 20W transmitter. I haven't done any electronic construction for years and haven't really attempted RF projects.

To warm up for this challenge, I've just completed a tiny 80m AM transmitter based on a circuit found here.

This is my second attempt, the first time around, I tried to build it from the limited parts I had around. If the circuit said 5k1, I'd use 4k7, and so on. Anyhow, it didn't work so I went and bought the right bits and now it does work. The only substitution is that I used 2N2222a transistors in place of 2N4401s.

This is also my second project using the "Manhattan Pad" technique which I'm very comfortable with now.

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