Sunday, April 22, 2007

DRM Dream.exe on linux works nicely

I'm sitting in front of a shiny new install of Ubuntu 7.04 listening to the Radio New Zealand International digital broadcast on 7145kHz in perfect clarity.

This Ubuntu version is very slick as we've come to expect. For some time I battled to build the Dream receiver source code on this system without joy. Lots of roadblocks for me, mostly to do with Qt. Almost as an afterthought I installed the Wine windows emulator and tried the pre-built windows binary, after adding only a few DLLs (MSVCP60.DLL and qt-mt230nc.dll), it was up and running.

Sound in and out all just works out of the box and it runs indefinitely. Playing with the UI, for example, changing sound settings, causes it to exit, but it's perfectly usable.

Regrettably, Darwine isn't quite up to supporting this application just yet, seems to be missing some functions in the 3d graphics area which I think are used in those fancy spectrum displays. Can't wait for the day I can run this on my Mac.


Anonymous said...

Hello Marxy.
Nice to hear dream works fine on your ubuntu client. I am running dream with wine on suse 10.2, and windowsXP. I found also that there is a compiled version for ununtu. So no wine needed. You can find the compiled version at
I am also running ubuntu. Just install the edge package and it works. Really, it will take you 5 minutes and you a dream really running on Linux.

Greeting Maarten

Peter Marks said...

Hello Maarten,

Thanks very much for that. Looks like it works just fine. I think you mean to install the "etch" version.

I'm having a little bit of trouble getting the hamlib serial control working but it certainly looks like it will go.

Thanks again.