Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ham radio Sydney to Melbourne

I've had a ham radio license since 1988. Never managed to learn morse code. I'm vk2tpm.

Now that morse code has been dropped I have an advanced licence and can use HF for the first time, very exciting. 

New to all this but basically it means you can talk to people about 1,000 km away. I'm from Melbourne and moved to Sydney about 20 years ago so I'd like to talk to my friends there. 

Dave, vk3ase, has a regular test transmission on 3.670Mhz AM on Saturday night. 

It's very strong here, a solid S9, but there's a lot of band noise tonight. We had a bit of a chat of SSB but it wasn't easy going, mostly as I was switching between SSB and AM and messing things up along the way.

By the way the IC-7000 is the best radio I've ever used.

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