Monday, December 14, 2020

Visiting Drew Diamond, VK3XU, prolific radio home brew author

I have long admired the writing of Drew Diamond, VK3XU, and today I had the pleasure of meeting him and touring his excellent shack.

Drew has contributed many home construction articles to magazines over many decades but is probably most famous for his "Radio projects for the amateur" book series.

The project descriptions are accurate and thorough. I complimented Drew on the quality of his line drawing that is used to show construction. I asked him if he had been to art school and he seemed touched but said that, no, he'd looked to other technical drawings that he admired and had emulated the style. Drew also said that careful drawings give constructors confidence that the project has really been built as described and will work.

Drew is active daily on 160m and other ham bands and has a good set of antennas with low noise.

Note the small mic insert being used above. The shack is well stocked and shows a lot of home brew activity.

I took out the uSDX board to show and we discussed the descent of radio into the realm of computers.

My thanks to Nigel, VK3DZ, for setting this up. It was great to hear that Drew is a reader of this blog.


secondthought said...

I recorded an hour of interview with Drew about his history in radio and working at the Telstra Research Labs from the 1960s up into the 1990s some time last year. I'll need to finish transcribing it and put it online at some point.

Good to see you today, might see you at a hamfest or two next year if all goes well. Cheers, Andrew VK3BEK.

Peter Marks said...

Great to talk with you Andrew. I'm glad you've interviewed Drew to capture that history. I look forward to reading it.

Unknown said...

Man, tools and workshop as one. Note the hand written mantras over the bench, 'Patience means fewer mistakes' and 'Time is precious [...waste it at your peril]'.

Paul VK3HN.

Father of the night said...

I just worked him on CW...without realising who he was! I went to the WIA site and pulled the trigger on all 4 volumes of his book series. I like building old school sometimes as it is elegantly simple.....I await their arrival.

73 de George VK2AOE