Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Graph of SNR now in WSPR Watch app

I've just updated the iOS and macOS app WSPR Watch to include a new graph of signal to noise ratios. So far I'm not seeing any useful information on this graph at my location. It's been suggested that to be valuable it would need to work with the callsign search feature so you can plot SNR over time between just two stations.

This version, 3.11.1, also fixes a surprising (to me) bug that affected users in the UK. As dates and times are in UTC and so is the UK for some reason my date parsing was failing for those users. I'm astonished that I hadn't heard about this before now.

My thanks to Paul, G0DIH, for the bug report and for working with me to test builds until the issue was sorted out.

Here's how the SNR, and other, graphs look now.


Unknown said...

IOS app times out accessing WSPRnet.org sine 8/5/2020.


Unknown said...

Additional info not working on Version 3.11.1(32)
Timed Out for Spots for the Transmit Call using Server - WSPRnet.org
Works if Server set to TimebaseDB

Also reports 0W for transmit call

Checked calls: W6TOM, KE6ZIQ, KK6PR

Using iPadOS 13.6
also IOS 12.4.8
Have not checked MacOS


Peter Marks said...

Thanks Verne,

Yes, WSPRnet seems very slow or perhaps down at the moment. The app gives up after 30 seconds.