Monday, June 29, 2020

Vinyl record stores in Thornbury

We are settling in to our new home in Thornbury, Victoria. We're out of the rental place in Alphington and happily new tenants were found to take over the lease.

Each day I walk around the area and one thing is striking - there are lots of vinyl record stores plus shops with record players and even loud speaker repair is available.

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riclin said...

You'll enjoy the plethora of licquorice pizza shops in Thornbury - and there are even more without travelling far. Suggest that you also pop in to see Boyd at Total Recoil too - he's a hoot and did a great job rebuilding the HPD12s in my Tannoy Cheviots - the surrounds were shot and the paper voice coil formers had been hammered by the previous owner. He replaced the voicecoils using his custom kevlar formers and they speakers are better than new. And he hates a glass of red!!