Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Common fault with boxed RTL-SDR devices

I have one of these boxed up RTL-SDR devices that has a low pass filter and the modification for direct sampling for HF. They work pretty well. Mine stopped working recently. When plugged in to USB the power light comes on but the USB device was no longer seen on the computer.

Mentioning this to John, VK2ASU, it turned out that he had exactly the same problem but he noticed that when he dropped the box it started working again - this suggested a bad solder joint.

There are some connections between the main board and the embedded TV stick and adding extra solder to the two points marked with red arrows has fixed mine.

Thanks to John VK2ASU for diagnosing this, I would have tossed it out except that I thought I'd used the nice box for something else.

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