Friday, March 08, 2013

Helping each other with StackOverflow and github

There was a story this week about programmers getting half their documentation from StackOverflow. It's certainly true for me, I'm there many times a day and often a search for whatever programming problem is confounding me ends up there. I do try to answer questions when I can on StackOverflow but it's very unbalanced so far.

The other site I get help from is github where people share code. I'm happy to report that at the prompting of a friend, I've contributed my first snippet of code to github.

It's a minimal iOS project that illustrates a way to make an iPhone app with a side menu - like Facebook and many other apps do these days. It does this by making a View Controller Container.

Let me know if you see any bugs or can improve it, or, as they say - "fork me on github".

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