Sunday, November 25, 2012

Software Defined Radio talks

Today at the ARNSW Home Brew Group, we had two talks on Software Defined Radio, one dealing with VHF and up, the other on HF. First here's Gary, VK2KYP, who kindly gave me permission to post this video. Gary has previously purchased a FunCube dongle but finds a $20 DVB tuner works pretty well and is great value.

And here's Stephen, VK2BLQ, on HF SDR:


panda said...

Hello Peter,
A great series of talks I thank you
for providing them for people like me in the country who are unable to Dural they really hit the Mark sorry that is not a pun I also enjoyed your and Stephens talk on Hellschreiber.
Ian VK2IJ.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ian. Your comments give me the motivation to produce these videos.

Best wishes,


Paul Anslow said...

Hi Peter, I was at the ARNSW Home Brew meeting on Sunday and enjoyed the presentations. Thanks for putting these up on your site as it is great to be able to re-view these again. Also Looking forward to trying out Hellscreiber.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Paul for your encouragement. As long as the speakers agree I think it's a waste not to record the presentations.


peter VK2TPM

Anonymous said...

Totally random stranger from the other side of the world chiming in... I really appreciate the effort you put into uploading these, too. Unable to attend any ham fests or anything like this myself, YouTube lets me see them from all over the world! I'm trying to teach myself more about radio, and got my own tv tuner dongle, so that's how I found this page.

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Anonymous, watch for a presentation on codec2 in about two weeks.