Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back on WSPR on 20m but not on Windows

I have an MSI U-200 netbook that dual-boots Windows XP and Linux. For a long time I used Ubuntu but when I upgraded to 11.04 wireless networking wouldn't work and being unable to figure out the magic incantation decided to try Fedora.

There's no built WSPR for Fedora that I could find so I've been running it under Windows XP. Lots of people were spotting me (running under 5W from an ft-817) but I got no decodes of other stations at all. This morning I checked out the WSPR source and built it. All of a sudden I'm receiving lots of stations.

Ubuntu has been good to me but I found the switch to Unity a little premature and, quite frankly, Gnome 3 has all the good bits as far as I can tell and seems a lot more complete. It's weird that a desktop could ship without a simple way for a user to add a launcher to the dock (or whatever it's called).

Can't explain why I get no decodes on Windows. Perhaps the sound card is not right?


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Peter, never heard of Fedora. But do now,have to test it. Trying Ubuntu and Linux Mint now. Do I understand you made a WSPR application for Fedora? It looks like the one in Win. Does it also work in Ubuntu, since I understand Fedora is also Linux based. 73, Bas

Peter Marks said...

Hi Bas,

Fedora is a version of Red Hat linux. You can get it here.

I think there is a binary version of WSPR for Debian based distributions, including Ubuntu, from this page.

To install on Fedora I basically followed the instructions on the development page. Now, the trick is that the pre-requisite package names are a little different so you need to do a 'yum search' to find out what each one is called.

I'm sorry it's not trivial to make a binary distribution due to the required libraries.

You'll need to be at least a little familiar with building programs on linux using configure and make to go down this path, but let me know if I can help.