Friday, September 23, 2011

Lazy days at Port Stephens with dolphins

This week we took a couple of days out, during off season, north of Sydney at Port Stephens. The water must be very clean here as dolphins swim right up to the jetty:

We went on a "wave watching" boat trip and the dolphins like riding the "pressure wave" at the bow of the boat apparently for the fun of it:

While wandering around, I had a play with the new Instagram for iPhone.

It emulates bad analog film to good effect.

I spend a lot to get a lens that doesn't vignette and yet it is kind of nice.

This narrow focus effect doesn't work so well for me. It seems artificially abrupt.

During our time away, I did have to work but was able to do it via a 3G modem without any trouble.

The place we stayed was virtually empty. I took the UV-3R and listened in to the marine VHF channel 16 on 156.800 which was kind of fun.

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