Monday, September 19, 2011

UV-3R Torch with bonus VHF/UHF/FM SDR Radio

A new toy just arrived...

While not quite a "gift", for AU$40 (+$15 postage), it's pretty cheap for a tiny transceiver with a state of the art software defined radio inside. The feature that gets most prominence on the box is the "high illumination flashlight" feature.

I bought via eBay out of Hong Kong and it turned up 9 days after I ordered, which seems excellent. Despite the box getting a bit of a bash, all was well inside.

This one came with a USB programming cable, Windows software, separate antennas for VHF and UHF, a soft case, charger and charging dock. It seems to work fine.

These units set an amazing low price point and while the quality of the plastic is not as good as a "name brand" rig, given the advanced technology inside, the UV-3R is leading to a lot of discussion and even modifications.

Check out:
From the data sheet: "The RDA1846 is a highly integrated single-chip transceiver for Walkie Talkie applications. It totally realizes the translation from RF carrier to voice in the RX path and from voice to RF carrier in the TX path, requiring only one micro controller.

The RDA1846 has a powerful digital signal processor, which makes it have optimum voice quality, flexible function options, and robust performance under varying reception conditions.".

I wish we would see this technology in low cost HF equipment.


Unknown said...

Which supplier did you buy it off on Ebay? there are so many. Would like to use same if reputable.

Peter Marks said...

Good point Grant.

It was bobo_radio.