Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A bit of TV punditry

This week I had an opportunity to join the collective commentating about what the resignation of Steve Jobs from the position of Apple CEO will mean. The interview went to air on Australia Network Newsline around Asia.

Normally I chat on radio so a bit of TV experience was interesting. Everyone looks good on radio. For TV, and particularly high definition, things like makeup and lighting are big topics. Cameras these days are remote controlled and the earpiece (I was interviewed remotely) is a tiny wireless thing you stick in your ear.

On Apple without Jobs? My view is that Apple will be fine for 3 - 5 years while the products currently in development make their way out the door, after that I'm worried that no-one will have the guts to say no to a product that isn't quite perfect.

If you'd like to see what I said, it will be in the Australia Network archive here titled "Jobs Loss". My thanks to the producer, makeup, floor manager, director and the host Jim Middleton for making the appearance easy for me.


panda said...

Peter a excellent interview re Steve Jobs it will be intersting to see how things pan out with Steve no longer at the helm as some one said we live in interesting times

Peter Marks said...

Thanks Ian.