Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photography, brilliant project case and a fire breathing dragon

The last ARNSW Home Brew group meeting at Dural for the year and quite an entertaining one at that. Stephen VK2BLQ stole the show with the brilliant idea of using old CD drive housings to build home brew equipment in.

Aluminium angle stock makes the ends perfectly. He's nicely built a CW transceiver. I'm kicking myself for throwing some of these out even in the last few weeks.

John Hale gave an excellent talk on photographing projects or really any device of small size. Here he shows the use of a seamless background and a telephoto to avoid distortion.

I'm pretty happy with my Ricoh for close up work like this. (Detail from Stephen's rig).

I rambled about wire dipoles, pulleys and cleats but the most surprising talk was about the building and operation of a fire-breathing dragon head.

Thanks as always to the organisers and the WIA.

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panda said...

They have great show and tell at dural.