Saturday, November 21, 2009

David Rhodes chain letter senders

Just received a second copy of a chain letter allegedly originated by David Rhodes of Perth.

This is a well known scam.

The following people are participating in this scam, presumably motivated by greed:

  • Belinda Mills of 227 Mills Rd, Molong NSW 2866

  • L. Giffen of Carnoustie Dve, Dubbo NSW 2830

  • B. Harris, 3750 Stoneville Rd, Stoneville WA 6081

  • L. Dunn, PO Box 242, Arana Hills QLD 4054

  • A. Marsh 96 Bunya Road, Everton Hills QLD 4053

In my opinion, you are naive idiots. I will be forwarding your letter to the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection.

fivecents.jpgThanks for the money by the way.


Based on the instructions in the letter, mine came from A. Marsh in Queensland so I've reported it with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading here.


Peter Parker said...

I also got one about 3 months ago. Also appreciated the money and the scrap bit of paper to write on.

Peter Marks said...

This is the second of this one for me too. On this occasion the envelope had "second attempt - it works" written on the back.

Not sure who's jurisdiction it falls under as the previous people in the chain are from several states. As the origin is in WA I thought I'd pursue it there.