Sunday, October 18, 2009

Splitdorf radio - Scientifically correct!

My neighbour, Rob VK2ZNZ called on 3.595MHz just after the WIA broadcast this morning and invited me over to "see a thing of great beauty". He was not wrong.


I can't find many mentions of the Splitdorf radios, but it looks like it's missing a big wooden case.

radio front.jpg

Certainly a thing of beauty. My impression is that it's been restored at some point.

radio side.jpg

A very simple circuit.

radio coil.jpg

They sure have a lot of patents!

radio patents.jpg

It is so simple it would have to be a TRF or perhaps regen radio. Anyone know anything about these radios?


Ray Keefe said...


Splitdorf are best known for their ignition and coil products but did also make a few radios.

Here are some potentially useful links:

R-500 -

1927 Abbey -

From the look of it, it is the Abbey without the case.

Ray Keefe

Anonymous said...

I don't know who has the this radio, but I have a an Abbey cabinent without the radio.

Peter Marks said...

Rob, vk2znz has the radio. Perhaps you could make contact with him via the call book.