Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch on the road

Screen shot 2009-10-10 at 6.29.40 PM.pngWhen I purchased this laptop a few months back I was looking forward to a snappy machine that, while a little heavy, would be solid and durable enough for travel.

While in Malaysia recently, I spent a day in a small room with a group of people who had all been issued with very nice looking Lenovo Thinkpads. There were not enough power points for everyone and all day they took turns desperately topping up their batteries.

To their amazement, I didn't pull my charger out until an hour before the end of the day, even then the Macbook Pro said it had an hour to go and probably could have lasted.

The figure shown top right is not realistic but when not hammering the machine I do see almost seven hours, this kind of battery life changes the way I think about the laptop. Apple made the right decision to switch from a removable battery in favour of a larger flat system.

My only concerns are that there is something strange about the return key on mine and sometimes I think I trigger the G force drive protection (it makes a clunk).

Those icons in the menu bar are Google GMail Notifier, Expandrive, and Evernote all recommended.

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