Monday, January 14, 2008

A Chat with Ben and Pete - Episode 12

CES, Wikia and more.
This week we chat about:
  • Low cost laptops. Has the OLPC project created a new category?
    • Everex Cloudbook:
    • Lenovo has one for China:
    • Hasee Q540X notebook:
    • Intel’s Classmate PC:

  • CES. Is it just a bunch of thin displays?
    • Loren on the Gizmodo stupidity:
    • CEA bans Gizmodo staffer:
    • Multitouch trackpad:
    • Gibson’s self tuning guitar:
    • Mitsubishi’s Laser TV:
  • Xubuntu on the EeePC
  • Wikia, Jimmy Wales’ Google killer?
    • Wikia search engine:
    • Arrington calls is a complete letdown:
    • Why Wikia will change search:
    • A nice frontend to the MacOS firewall called WaterRoof
      • Check out WaterRoof:
    • Parallels Server in beta and runs virtualised Leopard on Apple hardware
      • Report from the Unofficial Apple Weblog:
    • Mac file transfer application Interarchy hits version 9
      • Check out Interarchy version 9:
    • Sun to reduce data centres to zero by 2015

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