Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dxpedition with OziPole at Sydney's North Head

Alan VK2ZAY and I went bush this morning in search of a low noise HF location where we could play with antennas, balans, tuners and annoying flies.

I recently built the excellent Ozipole kit and this was a good opportunity to try it out, primarily on 7Mhz.

I've been searching for a location close to Sydney but as far as possible from power lines and houses and Fairfax Walk at North Head seems perfect.

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As expected, this was a superbly low noise location, and as it was the Scout Jamboree of the Air today there were tons of stations about. Unfortunately VK2WI was on low power on 40m and pretty hard to hear.

We played with several antennas and generally had a pleasant time. Notes for the next outing:
  • Take a table of some sort
  • Shade if possible
  • Find a way to carry the gear, (the battery is rather heavy)
  • Something to repel flies
It was wonderful to hear stations perfectly clearly at less than S1, at my home they need to be overwhelmingly strong to be heard. I'll go back to this location - any other suggestions around Sydney would be most welcome.

Thanks Alan for the fine company. He has blogged about this outing here, which refers back to this post so I hope the internet doesn't get runaway feedback and explode.

Update: Turned on 80m this morning at home at 6am and there is no noise. Here's a sample. So the band noise at my QTH must be from an appliance or power supply or something. I need to go hunting for it and I'm also reading up on receiving loop antennas that might let me null out the signal.

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