Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mini field day at Dural

Attended the mini field day at the WIA NSW Dural site today. Beautiful weather for it, a good turn out, got some useful bits and pieces though nothing major. Quite a few car boot sellers oddly selling complete HF setups with older style rigs.

The home brew team got together with a bit of "show and tell", I brought along my MMR-40 and compared notes with John, another builder. Stephen, VK2BLQ, showed an experimental 80m short vertical which we tried to tune up by using the "pin through the insulation" technique of finding the right spot in the coil.

Alan, VK2ZAY, told me he'd built a tiny 2m AM transmitter Fredbox last night and when we got home I could hear it at my place, which is about 5Km away. Not bad for an estimated 30mW!

Gosh, during the writing of this story Blogger appears to be down for several minutes. Could Google be fallible?? It's giving 502 Server Errors.

Alan wrote up the day here, he scored some excellent bits and pieces I should have been more alert.

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